Eight-Vertex Metallomesogens: Zirconium Tetrakis-$\beta$-diketonate Liquid Crystals.

TitleEight-Vertex Metallomesogens: Zirconium Tetrakis-$\beta$-diketonate Liquid Crystals.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1999
AuthorsTrzaska, ST, Zheng, H, Swager, TM
JournalChemistry of Materials
Keywordscolumnar liq crystal zirconium diketonato

Square antiprism Zr tetrakis-$\beta$-diketonate complexes with 24 alkoxy chains organize in columnar liq. crystal phases. X-ray diffraction and polarized microscopy studies on complexes with n-alkoxy side chains revealed a columnar hexagonal phase. These sandwich-shaped compds. have much lower transition temps. than their discotic analogs, which leads to the desirable attribute of room temp. liq. crystallinity. The addn. of two branching Me groups to the alkoxy chains dramatically alters the properties of these materials. The branched side chain analogs exhibited a higher clearing point while the liq. crystallinity is maintained at room temp. The branching Me groups also induced a bulk reorganization of the material to a rare columnar oblique phase (Colob). [on SciFinder(R)]