Polymer-based photonic crystals.

TitlePolymer-based photonic crystals.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2001
AuthorsEdrington, AC, Urbas, AM, DeRege, P, Chen, CX, Swager, TM, Hadjichristidis, N, Xenidou, M, Fetters, LJ, Joannopoulos, JD, Fink, Y, Thomas, EL
JournalAdvanced Materials (Weinheim, Germany)
Keywordsmechanochromic system fabrication polymer photonic crystal review, review block copolymer self assembly photonic crystal

A review, with 28 refs., on the development of polymers as 1D photonic crystals with focus on self-assembled block copolymers. The use of plasticizer and homopolymer blends of diblock copolymers to increase periodicity and the role of self-assembly in producing 2D and 3D photonic crystals are discussed. The use of inorg. nanoparticles to increase the dielec. contrast and of a biasing field during self-assembly to control the long-range domain order and orientation are outlined. In-situ tunable materials fabricated via a mechanochromic materials system are also described. The inherent optical anisotropy of extruded polymer films and side-chain liq.-cryst. polymers provides flexibility for novel optical designs. [on SciFinder(R)]