Synthesis and Optical Properties of Simple Amine-Containing Conjugated Polymers

TitleSynthesis and Optical Properties of Simple Amine-Containing Conjugated Polymers
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsThomas, SW, Swager, TM
Date Publishedapr
Keywordsamine contg conjugated polymer optical

Conjugated polymers (CPs) contg. amino groups have been synthesized, and their optical properties in both soln. and thin film have been studied. New monomers required for the synthesis of these polymers have been readily prepd. via efficient synthetic routes. These monomers have been successfully polymd. with a variety of comonomers. The spectral positions of the absorption and emission spectra correlate with the degree of electron d. on the polymer chain. Polymers contg. N-alkylcarbazole units display similar optical properties in soln. to most CPs. Polymers with dialkylamino groups, however, display very different optical properties, including broadened absorbance and emission spectra, larger Stokes shifts, and longer excited state lifetimes. These results are consistent with a significant difference between the mol. geometries of the absorbing and emitting states. The solid state emission of most of the polymers is sufficient to warrant them for consideration as fluorescent sensing materials. [on SciFinder(R)]