Control of conformational and interpolymer effects in conjugated polymers.

TitleControl of conformational and interpolymer effects in conjugated polymers.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2001
AuthorsKim, J, Swager, TM
Date Publishedjun

The role of conjugated polymers in emerging electronic, sensor and display technologies is rapidly expanding. In spite of extensive investigations, the intrinsic spectroscopic properties of conjugated polymers in precise conformational and spatial arrangements have remained elusive. The difficulties of obtaining such information are endemic to polymers, which often resist assembly into single crystals or organized structures owing to entropic and polydispersity considerations. Here we show that the conformation of individual polymers and interpolymer interactions in conjugated polymers can be controlled through the use of designed surfactant poly(p-phenylene-ethynylene) Langmuir films. We show that by mechanically inducing reversible conformational changes of these Langmuir monolayers, we can obtain the precise interrelationship of the intrinsic optical properties of a conjugated polymer and a single chain's conformation and/or interpolymer interactions. This method for controlling the structure of conjugated polymers and establishing their intrinsic spectroscopic properties should permit a more comprehensive understanding of fluorescent conjugated materials.