In the Swager lab, our work spans multiple disciplinary areas, requiring a diverse number of instruments. This page lists some of the equipment which can be found in our lab.
Instrument Location
Quartz Crystal Microbalance 18-028b
Powder X-Ray Diffractometer 18-041
UV/Vis Spectrophotometer 18-028c
Thermal Evaporator 18-047b
Scanning Tunneling Microscope/Atomic Force Microscope 18-028b
Stylus Profilometer 18-021
Potentiostat Roving
PCR Thermocycler 18-047a
Microwave Reactor 18-027b
Confocal Microscope (Equipped with Video Camera) 18-021
LC-MS 18-027a
Prep HPLC (Equipped with Buckycolumn) 18-047c
Gel Permeation Chromatograph (THF and DMF) 18-047c
Double Glovebox 18-027a
Gas Generator 18-028b
Infrared Spectrometer 18-027b
Fluorimeter 18-028c
Four-point probe 18-021
Thermogravimetric Analyzer 18-027b