Leo Delage-Laurin


leodl [at] mit.edu


(617) 258-6537




Graduate Student

Leo received his Bachelor's Degree from the Department of Chemistry at Laval University in Quebec City, Canada. There he worked with Prof. Mario Leclerc and Prof. Thierry Ollevier on organic photovoltaic solar cells and copper-catalyzed silylation, respectively. During his undergraduate studies, he also conducted research as a visiting student with Prof. Swager here at MIT, working on anion sensing, and with Prof. John B. Goodenough at the University of Texas at Austin, working on solid-state electrolytes for lithium-ion batteries. After graduating, he joined OmegaChem Inc. as a R&D chemist, working on the synthesis of proteolysis targeting chimera (PROTACs) active molecules. He joined the Swager Group in 2018 as a graduate student, and his current research focuses on discotic liquid crystals for magneto-optical applications.