Spatially and temporally resolved emission from aggregates in conjugated polymers.

TitleSpatially and temporally resolved emission from aggregates in conjugated polymers.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1996
AuthorsBlatchford, JW, Gustafson, TL, Epstein, AJ, {Vanden D. A.}, B, Kerimo, J, Higgins, DA, Barbara, PF, Fu, D-K, Swager, TM, MacDiarmid, AG
JournalPhysical Review B: Condensed Matter
Keywordsexciton vinylene polymer aggregate fluorescence, lifetime fluorescence vinylene polymer aggregate, polymer conjugated aggregate fluorescence spatial temporal, pyridyl vinylene polymer aggregate fluorescence profile

The authors present results of cw, time-resolved, and spatially resolved spectroscopic studies of emission and absorption in a model conjugated polymer, poly(p-pyridyl vinylene) (PPyV). The red shifted film spectra suggest the formation of aggregated regions. The ∼4X redn. in emission efficiency in films vs. soln. is attributed to a longer radiative lifetime for aggregate excitons, as is evidenced by time-resolved fluorescence measurements. The authors present direct optical imaging of aggregates in a conjugated polymer via near-field scanning optical microscopy. The aggregate emission and absorption are localized to partially aligned regions of the film ∼200 nm in size. [on SciFinder(R)]