Taishu Yoshinaga


taishuy [at] mit.edu


(617) 258-6536





Taishu was born in Tokyo, Japan. After spending five years in Bangkok, Thailand, he grew up in Chiba and then Tokyo, Japan. He got his Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Chemistry at Keio University in 2016. During his time at the university, he was a swimmer on the varsity team. His graduate research focused on investigating the liquid-phase synthesis of eco-friendly carbon nanoparticles called carbon dots and the improvement of their photoluminescence properties. After getting his Ph.D. at Keio University Graduate School in 2021, Taishu moved to the U.S. and joined the Swager Group in July 2021 as a postdoctoral researcher, where he is currently targeting the synthesis of novel polymers and macrocycles.