Michael Ocheje


ochejem [at] mit.edu


(617) 452-2569





Michael was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, where he spent the first several years of his life before later moving to Windsor, Ontario, where he grew up. He completed his bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry at the University of Windsor in 2016 with an emphasis on computational enzymology. He then switched focus for his doctoral studies in the Rondeau-Gagne group, where his research centered on the development of novel stretchable and self-healable organic semiconductors by introducing non-covalent bonding moieties into conjugated polymers. After completing his Ph. D in early 2022, he then joined the Swager Group as a postdoctoral researcher. Under the supervision of Prof. Swager, he will be working on carbon-rich and carbon nanotube-based materials with spin selectivity for use in magnetosensors and spintronic devices.