The Launch of SENSE.nano, The First Center of Excellence Powered by MIT.nano

May 25, 2017

On May 25, 2017, MIT announced the launch of SENSE.nano—MIT.nano's first Center of Excellence. SENSE.nano will convene technical, business, and visionary leaders from MIT, industry, and society.  A full-day symposium brought together the Ubiquitous Sensing experts and visionaries: who are developing capabilities and solving technical challenges, who can articulate commercial and humanitarian needs, and who envision the societal impact of ubiquitous sensing.  From the opening keynote address, through sessions of invited technical talks, and to the closing panel discussion, current research and innovations enabling new generations of sensors while highlighting potential impacts of and needs for realizing ubiquitous sensing for man-and-machine and for the environment-and-ecosystem were showcased. For more information, visit:
Pictures of Tim's presentation and the Q&A session from the symposium: